Before his arrest, NAB questions and Ahsan Iqbal's answers

Islamabad (Ansar Abbasi) In the case of NAB's new political superintendent Ahsan Iqbal, the Bureau alleges that the Nun League leader misused the powers, but Ahsan Iqbal insists that something of the project is done by him as a member of the Assembly or a minister. Not connected to the options of news world ahmed
 Before his arrest, NAB questions and Ahsan Iqbal's answers

Ahsan Iqbal was arrested by the NAB at the inquiry stage of the case and did not even know what he had done wrong and how he misused the powers. Responding to NAB's questions before his arrest, Ahsan Iqbal also demanded the delivery of the contents of a specific complaint, but it was not done.

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Before responding to NAB's questions, Ahsan Iqbal said that NAB's questions were linked to government decisions that were taken over several years in various ministries and forums, that he did not have such a memoir nor did he have such things. Personal records.

He requested help from the relevant government records so that he could remember things but was not given such facility. Therefore, the answers they have submitted to the NAB are in accordance with their memoirs.current world news

Below are the answers to NAB questions and Ahsan Iqbal:… (Answers are being summarized due to lack of space in the paper) Question:… Did you Narowal Sports City (NSC) project? What was the beginning? Answer:… The current project of NSC was initiated by the Ministry of Sports in 2009 which was considered by the CDWP and the same year the CDWP approved it as a national project so that the needs of people across the country. Could be fulfilled.

At that time, as a member of the opposition National Assembly, I had no executive position in the government, nor did I have any authority in the NSC project to make a proposal to the federal government in 2009 regarding the project. Support healthy and peaceful activities for youth in the country and build standard infrastructure for sports.current world news

Question: ... Did you know there was such a project at the district level? If yes, please explain? Answer:… NSC project should not be considered as a district level project.

From the very beginning, it is a national and regional level sports project with different policy objectives, including training of qualified national athletes and providing them with international quality facilities, attracting youth to sports, sports. Promoting sports-related tourism through promoting competitions and events, promoting development in backward areas, making Sports City a national asset and building it in other parts of the country.

NSC is the first residential and sports integrated training center of Pakistan of its kind, the first project to be built in 40 years where players from all over the country will be benefited and will receive international training and fitness facilities. ۔current world news

Question: ... As the Chairman of the CDWP, did you change or modify the nature of the work as the first feasibility of Narowal Sports City was approved on May 20, 1999 and at that time it was estimated at Rs 35.40 million. Which included the land price?

Answer:… In 1999 CDWP approved the first PC1 of Sports City, which included a directive that the value of the land be included in it. However, this could not be implemented.

Practical and major review on the nature of the project took place in 2009, which was estimated at Rs 732.7%, which was approved by the CDWP. At that time, I was a member of the opposition National Assembly, and I had no executive office.

Question: ... Why did you increase the amount of PC One from Rs 35.40% to Rs 97.52 million? All changes are made in light of CDWP decisions.

As far as I can remember, the PCW's approval for Sports City in 1999 was principle. The reason for the increase in the value of the project was that in the light of the CDWP decision the value of the land was to be included in the money.

However, this could not happen because the relevant ministry did not give administrative approval. In 2009, when I was not in government, there was a major revision in the scope of the project, which increased its estimate from 97.52% to Rs 732.7% and hence the previous revision amount was 35.4% to Rs 97.52. The idea of ​​reaching Rs 1 million becomes unimportant.current world news

Question: ... Do you consider yourself the authorized authority to change the scope of the project? If the answer is affirmative, what are the provisions of the law that allowed you to approve changes to the project?

Answer:… No! I did not consider myself the Acting Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms and the Deputy Chairman Planning Commission or the authorized authority that I could change the scope of the NSC project. Any such change is subject to the relevant forum including CDWP. However, as the Federal Minister and Chairperson CDWP, it was my responsibility to submit my comments regarding development projects, including the NSC, to the CDWP and any CDWP comments made. Follow the decision.

Question: ... Did you know that the federal government took control of the NSC project in 2013, even though in 2010 it was a pro?