BRT scandal, FIA orders arrest of accused

Islamabad (Ansar Abbasi) In the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) case, not only the FIA ​​has received an order of inquiry from the Peshawar High Court but the agency has also been asked to take action against those world ahmed
 BRT scandal, FIA orders arrest of accused

FIA sources say that the decision not only ordered an inquiry against the scam-hit scheme but also that those involved could be arrested as a result of the directive.

The order in the Peshawar High Court order is that "if any one is involved in the inquiry report, action should be taken against it." Sources say that the Peshawar High Court, indirectly or indirectly. The role of many people, including politicians and bureaucrats, has been dubious.

It is said that these individuals need to be summoned and answered in the light of judgment. The decision also mentions some prominent PTI politicians including influential bureaucrats like Pervez Khattak and Azam Khan. According to the verdict, the FIA ​​has to investigate:…current world news

What is the alliance between Pervaiz Khattak and DGPDA Votto, Azam Khan and DGPDA Mystery, Shahab Ali Shah and Shah Muhammad Wazir Transport? How was this alliance formed to achieve the desired shares? Sources say the requirement is that the FIA ​​should ask the names of those involved in the decision and make sure that those individuals have a strong connection to the project implementation,current world news

Regarding the project, the Peshawar High Court says that it has undergone tremendous mismanagement and mis handling, the project was started without feasibility, it presented fake and misleading financial models, the planning was bad. 35% due to costs

Percent increased and many other problems arose. The FIA ​​has to look at how important decisions were made for the acquisition of consultancy and other important issues and how they were acted upon when the project was not approved.current world news

Why was the consultancy company (Coulson & Popul) already hired in Punjab for such a project? Sources say that it is important to ask the key officers why the consulting company Coulson & Maqbool gave expensive transport vehicles to the Secretary of Transport, DGPDA and the Commissioner of Peshawar.

It is also in the decision of the Peshawar High Court that when these officers had their own vehicles, why did they buy these vehicles? The FIA ​​was also asked to find out who had decided to approve 220% of the buses in the CM's meeting, whereas from a comparative point of view, only 65% ​​of the buses in Punjab are on a larger route. Are going

The Peshawar High Court's decision also indicated that the FIA ​​had been charged with purchasing expensive bargains around the BRT track and that a bureaucrat and a former provincial minister were partners in the supply contract. It was also said that the money was paid in advance without the quality and quantity being verified by the PDA,

The iron ore design was changed to further benefit the contractor. According to the decision, the Project Management Unit (PMU) was set up to execute the BRT but the unit was closed in June 2019 despite the fact that the project was still in progress.

The intention is to destroy the record to avoid any possible future action / inquiry / investigation.