Countries in the world where there is no airport

There are 6 countries in the world with no airport. One of them is the Vatican City, the smallest country in the center of the Italian city of Rome, surrounded by walls and an independent state within Italy, The total area is 109 acres. The airport is deprived, however people can easily reach here through the Italian capital. Likewise, the fifth smallest country in the world is also surrounded by Italian land around San Marino and more than 33,000 inhabitants are missing from the world ahmed
 Countries in the world where there is no airport

By air they have to travel to Italy 9 miles to an international airport. Manaku, the second smallest country in the world, is also located close to the Vatican in Europe, and to reach France's Nice International Airport. Have to current world news

Interestingly, the third and fourth smallest countries in the world have their own airports, but the fifth (San Marino, mentioned above) and the sixth Liechtenstein (the country between Switzerland and Austria) are deprived of it. Has to travel to an airport in Switzerland, 24 miles from its capital.

Such is the fate of Andorra, another European country, with Spain on the one hand and France on the other, and there is no airport for the 84,000 people here. Although there are more than 100 million tourists every year, who are able to reach here by car from Spain or France. The last countries are Palestinian territories, with no airports.current world news

Countries in the world where there is no airport
The smallest in the world

On the border between Canada and the United States “St. The river "Lawrence River" flows. The river is the smallest island in the world named "Just enough room". The island is small enough that it has only a house and a place for trees. It is considered to be the smallest island in the world.

According to Wikipedia, the island covers 3,300 square feet. It was bought by the "Seizland" family in the 1950s. The island consists of a house, a tree, a few herbs and a small beach.

The world's smallest and most beautiful castle

Small houses built in remote and noisy areas always look beautiful and fill your heart. But what if they were the whole palace instead of the house?

Countries in the world where there is no airport
The world's smallest palace in the UK is known as the 'Moleys Lodge', built on 0.61 acres. Built in the nineteenth century, the palace costs 5.5 million euros, or about 6.87 million dollars.

Located on the southern tip of Warwickshire on the northern bank of the Catswold, it is useful for living comfortably isolated from the world.current world news

It has two reception rooms while it is completely surrounded by a luxury garden. The house was designed by Edward Bloor, the architect of the final design of Buckingham Palace.