Great movement has begun in India, PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that after the citizenship law, a big movement has begun in India. The siege by Indian occupation forces in occupied Kashmir is also going world ahmed
 Great movement has begun in India, PM

Imran Khan has said that for the past five years, India has been moving towards Hindu nationalism and Hindutva is moving towards a feminist ideology of supremacy while Indian conservatives who believe in collectivism are protesting.

The Prime Minister said that as the protests against the Indian government are increasing, the threats from India towards Pakistan are increasing.current world news

Great movement has begun in India, PM
He said that the recent statement of the Indian Army Chief is raising the concerns of Pakistan while the Indian Army Chief's statement is raising our concerns regarding "fake operations".

Imran Khan said he was constantly warning the international community that India could conduct a "fake operation" to divert attention from its internal situation while India wanted to increase the war madness to boost Hindu nationalism. ۔

The Prime Minister said that if India did so, Pakistan would have no option but to give a proper answer current world news