Instead of answering, Shahriar Afridi raised new questions

KARACHI (TV Report): In a Geo program today with Shahzib Khanzada, host Shahzib Khanzada presented the proposal and said that Shahriar Afridi raised more questions rather than answering questions on the Rana Sanaullah case, he did not reveal the facts world ahmed
 Instead of answering, Shahriar Afridi raised new questions

Shahriar Afridi made it clear for the first time today that he never said video about Rana Sanaullah but rather said the footage, after which there was a debate on social media that the footage was also video, Rana Sanaullah's lawyer Farhad Ali. The ANF installed a CD of two seconds of footage with the challan, Shah said.current world news

This CD contains two seconds of Rana Sanaullah's entry into Faisalabad on July 1, 2019 and two seconds of landing at Toll Plaza, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association Justice (R) Rashid A Rizvi said. At the time of Sanaullah's arrest, I had said that there are doubts about the manner in which he was arrested and recovered. The prosecution has to present all the material in the court at the first opportunity, in the Rana Sanaullah case. Hearing for the first time that the prosecution has given some material yet some will return later.current world news

Host Shahzib Khanzada said that yesterday we were told by the ANF that he had no video of Rana Sanaullah, after which Shahriar Afridi also said that I had never seen the video. Didn't say but rather said footage,

Today, he also explained the difference of video and footage at the press conference. He was saying that after doing a little research, he asked. If you have asked today,

However, in a program on September 2, the host repeatedly took word of the video and asked that if the video was available, he said he would present everything in court, Shahriar Afridi said, submitting all the evidence to the court within 17 days and from the beginning. That's what I'm saying,

But it is not until October 16 that Shahriar Afridi was of the view that he would give evidence in court if the trial would begin. Shahriar Afridi said three days later in the program "New Pakistan" on October 19th that the ANF should give evidence according to law. Already, Shahriar Afridi today claimed that there was three weeks of surveillance footage,current world news

He then claimed to have submitted the footage to the court instead of the three-week video, but shortly afterwards the ANF's lawyer said that on the day the incident took place, the footage of the toll plaza had been submitted with other evidence but he had taken three. No mention of the week's footage.

Shahzib Khanzada said why the Law Ministry changed the question repeatedly during the WhatsApp message during the trial of Rana Sanaullah,current world news

Shahriar Afridi made a new claim that Rana Sanaullah was arrested in July while the ANF raised objections to Judge Masood Arshad in April,

On October 19, the Geo News program laid the responsibility for the removal of Shahid Afridi judge Masood Arshad in New Pakistan.