Mohsin Abbas Haider talks about singing in India

Indian music composer Vanderanathu Majra has been greatly liked by the voice of Pakistan's renowned actor, singer and writer Mohsin Abbas world ahmed
 Mohsin Abbas Haider talks about singing in India

He shared his song 'When Mill Sitting Will' in the voice of Mohsin Abbas Haider on his Instagram account and said that he did not think that this song written by him would be liked so much.
 Mohsin Abbas Haider of Vandranathu posted on his account and wrote that I am sharing with you the moment of happiness that I am receiving complimentary messages from India for this song.current world news

He said that the composer and composer of the song is Vander Nathomajra who has praised him immensely.current world news

Indians also became fans of Mohsin Abbas' singing
Mohsin Abbas also said that both the songs released in 2015, 'English' and this song are very close to my heart.current world news