NAB gives reasons for Ihsan Iqbal's arrest

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) presented the PML-N leader, Ahsan Iqbal, to Islamabad's Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir, where the NAB informed the court of the reasons for his world ahmed
 NAB gives reasons for Ihsan Iqbal's arrest

AHB prosecutor told the court that Ahsan Iqbal had been arrested for reasons of arrest.

He presented the reasons for the arrest of Ahsan Iqbal in the accountability court.

The NAB prosecutor told the court that the reasons for the arrest were that the cost of the Narowal Sports City project was increased.current world news

NAB document states 3 reasons for the arrest of Ahsan Iqbal, the document alleges that the cost of the project has been increased from Rs. 340 million to Rs. 9.70 million, approval from a competent authority or forum to increase the cost Not taken, the CDWP does not approve of expanding the scope of the project and it is malicious to do so yourself.current world news

The document states that the project was started without a viable study listed in the Planning Commission's Development Manual; a work study is required to increase the scope of cost over 50 million, with the project record on March 15, 2012. Submitted to the Punjab government, despite the handover of the project to the Punjab Sports Board, Ahsan Iqbal spent federal government funds on it.

NAB documents say Ahsan Iqbal maliciously increased the scope of the project, which was not even demanded, the project was redesigned for PC One, costing Rs. 2498.777 million, the new PC One. The CDWP was approved on July 17, 2014, headed by Ahsan Iqbal himself.

The NAB document states that another PC1 of the project was prepared, costing Rs 2994.83 billion, CDWP approved on May 3, 2017.current world news

According to NAB Assistant Director Ahmed Khazar, there are five other reasons for arrest: So far Ihsan Iqbal is directly linked to the evidence of crime, evidence cannot be collected without his arrest; relevant evidence by Ihsan Iqbal destroyed. Or disappear, the record is likely to be damaged, they are also likely to be fugitives.current world news

Ihsan Iqbal's physical remand is needed to complete the interrogation of the NAB prosecutor.

The court reserved the verdict on NAB's request.