NAB ordinance is to save Imran Khan, Saeed Ghani

Provincial Information Minister Sindh Saeed Ghani says amendments to the law through NAB ordinance are meant to save Imran Khan and world ahmed
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Saeed Ghani said that the NAB rules were changed which would hurt the people, but they were not done.urrent world news

It should be noted that opposition parties have objected to the new NAB ordinance brought by the government.urrent world news

Earlier, the leader of the Rahmat Committee's convener and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) leader Akram Khan Durrani criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and the NAB.

Akram Durrani says the Selected Prime Minister gave good news to his friends that he would be released through the NAB world ahmed

He said that the Prime Minister had resorted to the ordinance to protect himself and his friends.

Akram Durrani says he does not want to fight each other, says NAB chairman Blayan Tree Stays on Tsunami and Malam Jabba?

Leader JUI said that the Billion Tree, Malm Jabi case should be dealt with while the government has no electricity and gas is not just cold.