New Year's gift, dough expensive too

In the beginning of the nineties in Karachi and Balochistan, prices of petroleum products, electricity and gas as well as flour have been increased. After that, the price of 20kg of flour in Balochistan reached Rs. Is gone news world ahmed
 New Year's gift, dough expensive too

According to market sources, a further increase of Rs 80 per 20 kg bag of flour has been recorded, whereas last month also the price of 20 kg bag of flour increased by Rs 50.

According to sources, the flour bag was being sold for Rs 970 last month.

Similarly, the price of 10kg bag of crushed flour in Karachi has also been increased by Rs 50, after which the new price has increased to Rs 700.current world news

According to market sources, the price of grinder flour has increased 2 times in Karachi during the last 2 months, two times before the mill was sold in Karachi for Rs 600.

On the situation arising from the recent rise, President Balochistan Flour Mill Association Syed Zahir Agha said that wheat was not being supplied from government warehouses, which forced the mill owners to buy expensive wheat from the market.current world news

He said that they could not sell cheap flour by buying expensive wheat. If this were the case, the flour would become more expensive in the coming days.