Opposition favors black law

In the NAB law, the Imran Khan government made some amendments which made a noise in the media and politics as if something wrong was worlod ahmed

 Opposition favors black law

Of course, Khan's own old sayings are causing a great deal of embarrassment to him, but whatever extent the NAB has changed the law, he is happy and if politicized on it, politicians should remember him. In the name of law and accountability, everything that they have been suffering for the past twenty years will have to go even further.current world news

A few drawbacks have been removed from this law, but it is still a black law that can be used illegally to blackmail politicians and government officials in future, putting them in innocent prisons and turning to politics. The powerful classes will continue to bend in whatever direction they want.

It would have been better to have made amendments to the NAB law through Parliament instead of the Presidential Ordinance, because the Presidential Ordinance would remain in force for only three months, and if it was not passed by Parliament, some of the changes made to this law would be And the law will return to its original state.current world news

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The PPP and the Noon League promised in the Charter of Demo Christie that they would eliminate this black law and create an accountability body that must be free and independent but could not be used for political purposes.current world news

The two political parties remained in the government for five to five years, but they did not change the accountability law or reform the NAB's organization, and as a result both political parties were held in the hands of the same NAB, in the hands of its own chairman, jails, courts and liars. Are facing real cases.

It is not that no one in the Noon League or the PPP has done any corruption and it cannot be said that there is no corruption in the PTI but the question is whether the NAB is really working to end corruption or is it Is an organization that is being used to manipulate political and manipulate governments.

NAB's 20-year history testifies that it is an institution that has been used repeatedly for political purposes and shamelessly that the principles of justice have been tarnished and that such people have been arrested for months and years. Has been kept in jail for which no finger can be raised on his credit.

In the past, if the NAB did wrong, in the name of accountability, PPP or the PML-N leaders or government officials held key positions during their regimes were persecuted and jailed, of course Imran Khan and PTI also happy. If so, where is the justice that this behavior should be from the leaders of the ruling party? Without proof, PTI ministers, advisers and close officers of Imran Khan should be apprehended and jailed, and then see what the courts decide.

If Prime Minister Imran Khan even said that his business friends were also persecuted by the NAB, is it not true that every major business man of Pakistan including those who are close to the PML-N and the PPP is also against it? Had opened the files and they were harassed, which destroyed the business environment in the country.

It is also true that what Imran Khan said about his business friends, if he were an opposition leader, PTI would have scandalized him, but politics would not have to be done in every case.

Along with my government, the Opposition is urging the Opposition and NAB issue not to waste the golden opportunity of politics by which not only can NAB's black law be corrected but an accountability system can be created. May be aimed at eradicating corruption, or pursuing political goals as per the wishes of powerful classes or rulers, and the exploitation of political opponents.

The government should improve the accountability system by combining the opposition with the NAB ordinance before the Parliament immediately.