Rana Sana's request for written bail issued

Rana Sanaullah's request for bail has been issued in a written decision. After the assassination of the Anti-Drug Court in Lahore, Rana Sanaullah is likely to be released world ahmed
 Rana Sana's request for written bail issued

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Justice Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmed issued a written judgment on Rana Sanaullah's request bail, which consists of nine pages.current world news

The writ verdict stated that the trial court of Rana Sanaullah's co-accused has been granted bail, the prosecution did not challenge the bail approval of the accused.

Rana Sanaullah is still accused, Shahriar Afridi

The judgment said that Rana Sanaullah was charged with possessing 15kg of heroin but his physical remand was not taken, while according to the lawyer, the accused was linked to the opposition and he was a critic of the government.current world news

Rana will testify against Sana at the right time: Chief Prosecutor ANF

The written decision stated that at this stage of the case, the accused is entitled to bail, so bail is granted in lieu of two million bail bonds of 1 million of the accused.

Bail by Rana Sanaullah submitted to the Anti-Drug Court of Lahore.