Syed Ali Gilani exposes Indian plan

Explaining the Indian plan to deprive Kashmiris of their land, Syed Ali Gilani has said that India will occupy more land in the valley and build colonies on it and settle Kashmiris and Indian troops and keep Kashmiris in their Will lose natural world ahmed
 Syed Ali Gilani exposes Indian plan

In a statement issued by Syed Ali Geelani, India said that India was in a state of jealousy and oppression in Jammu and Kashmir and the UN resolutions are clear evidence of this.

He said that occupying India would give more land to Indian institutions in the name of so-called construction and development in Kashmir and settle non-Kashmiris there.current world news

Syed Ali Geelani appealed to the Kashmiris to strongly oppose the Kashmiri Indian conspiracy, saying that today's resistance to Kashmiris will rise for them tomorrow as a morning of independence.current world news