The life and politics of Benazir Bhutto

KARACHI (Analysis:… Mazhar Abbas) Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is not a well-known Gate No-4 production, but his political journey today is a struggle and courage till his tragic murder in Liaquat Bagh world ahmed

He also saw his father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ascending the throne. At times, they had to become the target of compromises and compromises, but also greatly enhanced their political heritage.

Twelfth anniversary of Benazir Bhutto current world news

Looking at his political struggle, his power remains a mysterious issue even today. It seems that the case will be solved like the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

Benazir Bhutto's life was very good and death was very good. The two years he spent in Sukkur Jail were difficult for him. In 1981, Benazir Bhutto was arrested in a raid on the house of Dr. Ashraf Abbasi in Gulshan Iqbal.current world news

70- Begum Nusrat Bhutto was arrested from Clifton. He was taken to the New Town police station because martial law officials wanted to cooperate with Murtaza Bhutto to end the hijacking of PIA aircraft, according to the police officer who arrested Benazir. Lieutenant General (R) Abbasi was furious and ordered the arrest of Benazir Bhutto at all costs.

The police officer said that when we entered the house, Benazir Bhutto became angry when there was no search warrant. It was at that time that al-Zulfiqar abducted the PIA plane. Although Benazir had nothing to do with the aforementioned incident, the authorities wanted to arrest him for bargaining, while Benazir Bhutto told him that he did not believe in the politics of terrorism. She was not even in contact with Murtaza Bhutto. However, he was asked to exert his influence on Murtaza Bhutto, but the idea was later abandoned.

Martial law officials wanted to take political advantage of hijacking a 13-day plane. She was transferred to Sukkur Jail despite no trial on Benazir.

Two years after the MRD movement, Begum Bhutto and Benazir were deported after being detained; they returned in 1984. When former Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo lifted the unlawful ban on civil liberties and Benazir.

He described the days spent in Sukkur Jail as difficult and hard. The scene inside his cell was open and there was no silence. According to him, the rulers wanted to test their nerves. Earlier, Benazir made sense of her existence when, after the arrest of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in October 1977, the stage of campaigning with her mother came. She never forgot her last meeting with her father in the cell. Who advised her daughter to be brave and face the coming situations.

She was also president of the Oxford University Students' Union. The real Benazir trial began after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged. "I, my mother and my family were completely heartbroken, but since I had promised my father to carry out his mission, I decided to play a dynamic role," says Benazir.current world news

In a statement issued during his detention, he defended the Communist Party leaders, including Jam Sakhi, on a charge of sedition and treason and called them patriots.

Once the court asked him, he replied that he did not believe in caste. However, when she returned home from exile in 1986, the establishment was disturbed by the welcome in Lahore.

Former ISI chief Lt Gen (retd) Hameed Gul said he did not expect such a massive reception. If they go on a similar tour around the country, then the situation could be even more difficult for us. Benazir can avenge her father's execution. Hameed Gul added that when he first met, he found Benazir Bhutto a patriot.current world news