What happens in the compensation process?

Following a vote on various clauses in the US House of Representatives regarding Donald Trump, two resolutions have been approved for Trump's world ahmed
 What happens in the compensation process?

With Trump approving the majority of the resolutions in the House of Representatives, 51 percent of Trump's formal legislative process will now begin for Donald Trump's presentations in the US Senate.current world news

Following these developments, Senators regarding President Donald Trump's future will vote by deciding whether Trump's accusations were true or not, and whether Trump should be indicted.

If two-thirds of the 67 percent of senators blame Trump, then US President Donald Trump will have to shake off his presidency.current world news

After Trump is removed from office, the vice president will take over the affairs of the country.

If a lower number of Senate members - less than 67 senators - is to blame for Donald Trump, then Donald Trump will remain in office and finish his term in officecurrent world news.

What are the charges against US President Donald Trump?

 US President Donald Trump is accused of using the power to gain political advantage in the presidential election, prompting the Ukrainian government to launch an anti-corruption inquiry against his presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

 Another accusation against Trump is that he obstructed the House of Representatives from investigating the incident.

Donald Trump's reaction to his case:

Donald Trump has reacted harshly to the passage of the resolution of the lawsuit, saying that the motion should not be the Democrats who are making baseless allegations.

The US president also criticized the head of the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives, Adam Shuff, and said that Shiffman was fabricating allegations that I had threatened him; Is exempt.