Aviation operations in Pakistan are at risk: US

WASHINGTON (US) - The US Department of Federal Aviation Administration has threatened to attack fighter and extremist aircraft, including landed and low altitude aircraft in Pakistan's air and territorial boundaries, including arrival and flight times. A warning has been issued once world ahmed
 Aviation operations in Pakistan are at risk: US

The notice issued in this regard states that US civil aviation operations pose threats to Pakistan's territorial and airspace. Such notices have also been issued in the past.

In the notice, the Federal Aviation Administration has warned that Pakistani airspace be alert during operations.current world news

Fighter elements and extremists operating in Pakistan are a constant threat to US aviation operations and US aircraft can be attacked with small weapons, attacks on airports, and anti-aircraft guns.

In its previous advisory, the Federal Aviation Administration warned that the situation in Kashmir could worsen, and air navigation providers are imposing airspace restrictions on temporary basis.

The current warnings have made little changes compared to the previous advisory and advised to act cautiously in the case of flight operations.current world news