Bazdar, anti-Imran Khan, his recommendation very strong, analyst

Karachi: Prime Minister Usman Bazdar's trust in the Chief Minister is correct even after criticizing the first question of Absa Komal in the Geo News program "Report Card", said analyst Hafeezullah Niazi. If so, then the days of Imran Khan's rule have been world ahmed
 Bazdar, anti-Imran Khan, his recommendation very strong, analyst

Muhmaal Sarfraz said that the PTI government in Punjab was not delivering at all. Benazir Shah said he did not understand why the Prime Minister was stubborn in favor of Usman Bazdar.current world news

Saleem Safi said that the recommendation of Usman Bazdar is so strong that no one can even name them. Mazhar Abbas said that Usman Bazdar is anti-Imran Khan, therefore he is rejecting all objections. It is his personal decision that the minister's objection is that in the presence of Usman Bazdar, the graph of N-League is going down instead of going down.

In response to the second question, Islamabad Bar Association ordered all members to submit an affidavit to be Muslim by January 31, Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar resigned, responding to the bar's move, said Hafeez-ul-Niyazi. Not being a Muslim has asked for an oath on the end of Prophecy and this is what your Constitution says. Your Prime Minister also takes the oath.

Mazhar Abbas said that this step is not right as you are dividing the lawyers community. The Pakistan Baroncell and the Supreme Court Bar should take notice of it. We are trying to help India.

Benazir Shah said that it was the good Muslims who attacked the PIC that killed three people and that they should demand the head of humanity.current world news

"With such measures, we are providing India with the excuse that the state should intervene to determine who you are," he said.