Chinese resident admitted to hospital in Multan, Coronavirus

A Chinese resident is undergoing treatment for coronavirus at Nishtar Hospital in world ahmed
 Chinese resident admitted to hospital in Multan, Coronavirus

According to hospital sources, Feng Fan, a 40-year-old Chinese resident, lives in an industrial estate camp and arrived in Multan on January 21 from the Chinese city of Karachi.

According to sources, a Chinese resident was working on the C-pack project, according to doctors, the Chinese has been transferred to the isolation ward while his blood samples have been sent to the laboratory for further analysis.current world news

Corona virus outbreak in China, 41 killed

The Federal Department of Health has completed special arrangements at airports across the country, including Karachi, to diagnose the Corona virus, with flights from the east to Sri Lanka, Thai Airways, Air China and PIA to check for corona virus. Will be inspected with a thermal scanner.

According to the CAA, a passenger has not yet been diagnosed with the Corona virus.

On the other hand, 15 more people have been killed by coronavirus in Wuhan, China, and thus the number of people killed by coronas has risen to 41 while more than 1,300 have been affected.

Traffic has been banned in 13 cities in the central Chinese city of Abu Dhabi, followed by the US city of Houston and Seattle, followed by the Corona virus in Florida, followed by 3 in the US.

In France, 3 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. Corona cases have been confirmed in 9 countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea.current world news

US President Trump has praised China for its efforts to combat coronavirus and said China has worked hard to stop the spread of the Corona virus.