Corona virus is not available in Pakistan for diagnosis

Islamabad (Special Report, Bilal Abbasi) There is no facility to diagnose corona virus in Pakistan, killing 26 people in world ahmed
 Corona virus is not available in Pakistan for diagnosis

To which the federal government has contacted three laboratories based in China, Hong Kong and the Netherlands to diagnose suspected cases in the country.current world news

WHO and Ministry of Health have issued precautionary measures for Pakistanis abroad, special precautions should be taken for those visiting countries affected by Corona;

Corona virus outbreak in China, 41 killed

WHO said that cough, sneezing, nose and mouth cover with tissue, overseas people should stay away from cold, flu patients.current world news

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of National Health Dr. Zafar Mirza has said that the National Health Ministry will send samples of suspected cases of corona virus to laboratories of 3 countries, the diagnosis of the virus is with the specific virology laboratories.