Denied Transparency, What Will Shahbaz Now Show David Rose? حسن نثار

Karachi (Jang News) Senior analyst Hassan Nisar responds to questions from host Shia Niazi in the Geo News program "According To Me" and said that the facts of Transparency International have come to the fore and I ask Shahbaz Sharif what he does now on David Rose. Will show their world ahmed
 Denied Transparency, What Will Shahbaz Now Show David Rose? حسن نثار

The head of the Islamic Ideological Council has quoted the film as saying that it is not our job and I also think that the decision of the censor board should be final. If not delivered in Punjab, Imran Khan could be criticized to the extent that he is not responsible for performance.current world news

He added that when Transparency International's report came out that corruption had increased, it was acceptable to me that corruption was rampant in this whole system. It will take time to get going.

Wherever there are people, corruption will be perfected. The leadership is to control the thing so that it can be minimized and Pakistan is heading in the right direction. There are many ways of corruption, but we have come to the realization that only two or four things are considered as corruption because our thinking is degraded.current world news

If someone is being threatened, the job of the state is to protect. The Islamic Ideological Council is required to increase our knowledge of what the Shariah means, otherwise we will tell them next week that what you think has nothing to do with reality.