Harry Meaghan's Declaration of Sovereignty, Sovereignty

Little Harry, Harry's wife, and his wife, Meghan Merkel, have announced that they are stepping down and becoming financially world ahmed
 Harry Meaghan's Declaration of Sovereignty, Sovereignty

In a statement released on Instagram on the Picture Sharing Application, the royal couple said that after several months of deliberations, they decided that we should step down as top personal figures of the royal family and financially. Stand on your feet.

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The British royal couple said they were planning to spend their time between Britain and North America.current world news

During the announcement, he added that as members of the royal family we will continue to support the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Meghan called Harry her best husband

Lady Diana's younger sons Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel have expressed their disappointment at the announcement that Queen Britain has said that the decision was not made in advance, which is a startling decision.current world news

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On the other hand, senior members of the royal family were also unfamiliar with the announcement, while the announcement of the royal couple's withdrawal was unpleasant.