'I deserve the Nobel Prize', Trump

US President Donald Trump has said, "I saved a country from the Great War, so I am in favor of the Nobel world ahmed
 'I deserve the Nobel Prize', Trump

Speaking to supporters during a campaign in the US state of Ohio, Donald Trump said, "I tell you about the Nobel Prize, I saved a country and I just heard that the head of the country was the Knobel Prize. But I am entitled to it.

Although the US president did not name any country in the address and also the head of the country who is being awarded the Nobel Prize, it is clear that Trump was referring to Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abe Ahmed.current world news

Trump's speech is gaining popularity on social media.

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Abe Ahmed, 43, is the youngest Prime Minister to date in Ethiopia. He took over the ministry in April 2018 after his predecessor resigned after several months of anti-government protests.

Abe Ahmed deserves the Nobel Peace Prize in October last year for his contribution to ending the decades-long bloody war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.current world news

Nobel Peace Prize in the name of Prime Minister Ethiopia

Has Trump played a significant role in bringing peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

The US president has had a very brief role in establishing peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but it is unclear why Trump is making such a statement.

Interestingly, Trump did not congratulate Abe Ahmed on October 11 after announcing his Nobel Prize, but Ionka Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who served as their daughter and senior adviser. 'S messages were sent.current world news