If PML-N supports, Pervez may become chief minister, analysts say

KARACHI (TV report): Speaking to host Saleem Safi in Geo Program 'Jirga', Bureau Chief Lahore Rais Ansari said that if the PML-N had supported Pervez Elahi, he could become the chief world ahmed
 If PML-N supports, Pervez may become chief minister, analysts say

Representative of Special Islamabad Arshad Wahid Chaudhry said that Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has also become active in the slave rotations of power. It is also being proposed that Imran Khan's last known tripod is that he is chaudhry Nisar. Pitch and replace them with a buzzer.

Representative Special Karachi Afzal Nadeem Dogar said that MQM had agreed, Special Envoy Quetta Salman Ashraf said that lava had been brewing in Balochistan for four to five months, Bureau Chief Peshawar Arshad Aziz Malik said. There is not a Chief Minister.

Bureau Chief Lahore Rais Ansari said that this stone did not come from outside. This stone has been fired by someone inside. Imran Khan, when Usman Bazdar was made chief minister, started showing him weak in his own party and only then Imran Khan had to say that it was Waseem Akram Plus. Now the matter that came from within is neither forward block nor pressure group near me.

But that is a voice that the marketers themselves are trying to save. They are trying to save the Center through them. The one that has the greatest affiliation with them is the PML-Q with them now, with Pervez Khattak, the most powerful. Their affairs are settled. They need four districts. They have got four districts. Usman Bazdar has a lot of support from the Muslim League Q. He wants the Bazdar not to move from here.current world news

Bazdar gets real patron by Imran Khan Imran Khan is coming to Lahore on Sunday. Also angry members will sit down. Usman Bazdar is not seen. They have started raising their voice. The angry group's intentions also came from the PPP. They are from Leah. I do not see signs of change in the center and Punjab.current world news

According to what is still visible, Imran Khan and Usman Bazdar are in their respective places. All Powers have been given to the Chief Secretary and the IG. Should I change them in the coming days, I think the MQM's anger will be gone.