IG Sindh's letter against its officer

The IG Sindh Office has written a letter against its officer, the letter has been written to the Federal Establishment Division against SP Omar Kot Ijaz Sheikh, which stated that 3 inquiries were made against Ijaz Sheikh which proved against him. On which strict action should be taken against  world ahmed
 IG Sindh's letter against its officer

According to the text of the letter written by Kaleem Imam, make 3 inquiries against SP Umarkot Ijaz Shaikh, in which the chief secretary recommended action if he is found guilty.current world news,

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According to the text of the letter, Ijaz Sheikh gave PPP leader Sikandar Rao Poto a squad car without permission, due to poor driving of the squad, which prevented Justice Gulzar's vehicle from crashing in Umarkot last year.

Apart from this, SP Omar Kot Ejaz Sheikh joined Panju Mill Bheel on the issue of crushing the citizens by car. Ajaz Shaikh party was also formed on a 40-acre land dispute in Omar Kot.

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The letter written by the IG office further states that Ijaz Shaikh is a non-serious and non-professional officer, while copies of letters written against Ijaz Sheikh to the Chief Secretary have also been attached.current world news,