I'm sorry that the situation has reached this point, Prince Harry

Prince Harry has said that I am sad that the situation has reached this point, hoping to continue the service and military relations of the Queen without public funding, unfortunately this is not world ahmed
 I'm sorry that the situation has reached this point, Prince Harry

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Speaking to the supporters after the historic historic deal of the royal family on Saturday, Harry said he would continue to serve, grandmother and his commander have great respect for the chief, thank him and his family.current world news

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During one of the speeches, Prince Harry was in the bar.

Job offers to Prince Harry

The royal family matters over the separation of Prince Harry, according to the agreement Prince Harry and wife Meghan Merkel will not be able to use the public fund.current world news

Britain to support Prince Harry and Meghan's decision: Queen Elizabeth II

Under the deal, the couple will have to pay back $ 31 million spent on renovation of their homes and Harry will also have to return military honors served in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Merkel, the younger of the British royal family, announced that they were relinquishing and becoming financially independent.

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In a statement released on Instagram by the royal couple on Instagram, they said they had made this decision after several months of thinking and both of them vowed to stand on their feet financially. ۔