Imran Khan arrives, bribe bribe goes up, Kamil Ali Agha

KARACHI (Jang News) - Muslim League Q leader Kamil Ali Agha said the change meant inflation, the bribe taker used to agree in the first five thousand and now demands fifty thousand and says that the change has come about Imran Khan. Have world ahmed
 Imran Khan arrives, bribe bribe goes up, Kamil Ali Agha

He was speaking in 'Geo Pakistan'. Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider, Gilgit Baltistan Faizullah Farak, Jehanzeb Jamaludini, Anwar Kakar and others were also present in the program.current world news

Senior analyst and journalist Anker Parson Hammadir said that PTI should not be blamed for the manner in which Faisal Wawda has adopted the dialogue, as such people are also in the PML-N.

The anchor of the boot polish was anchored by the TV and the boot and reboot polish has been on TV for a long time, but no one took action at that time. Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider has said that the area which has been destroyed by the avalanche and the area where the maximum number of deaths is down is not the means and means to avoid such an unforeseen situation.current world news

Spokesman Gilgit-Baltistan Faizullah Farak said that all roads have been destroyed due to snowfall. People's contact has been completely cut off. Food shortage may also be encountered. done.

The current government has so far raised 28 rupees on one liter of petrol, which is the same PTI that when it was not in the government, the increase in the price of petrol was not considered to be cruel to the people.

Talking to Geo-Pakistan in this regard, senior journalist The News Mehtab Haider said that the price of petrol has increased six times in 2019. None of the points have been implemented. We would have been happy if even fifty percent had been implemented.

Leader of the Balochistan Awami Party Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar said that the government is still working well over time so hopefully by 2023 this government will fulfill its term.