In Punjab, the Q League practically took over the ministry

ISLAMABAD: Q-League has practically taken over the ministry in Punjab, but Chief Minister Usman Bazdar will remain in world ahmed
 In Punjab, the Q League practically took over the ministry

In a very important meeting between PML-Q leader Mons Elahi and Chief Secretary Punjab Prime Minister Suleiman, a road map of the distribution of powers and development funds was prepared, which was also indicated by Monsi Elahi talking to Hamid Mir in Capital Talk. ۔

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazar complained to Jahangir Tareen over decision on partition of power. According to reports, a development fund of Rs 20 billion will be issued to the constituents of Q-League immediately and the Punjab Bureau will provide direct instructions to Christie.current world news

One of the most important recent meeting in which Qa League, led by Mons Elahi, met Jahangir Tareen, Pervez Khattak, Usman Bazdar and Prime Minister Suleiman, in which Jahangir Tareen sought the terms of the Q League's powers Recognizing the urgency and assuring prompt action, instruct the Chief Secretary to Prime Minister Solomon to develop a road map with the divine.

According to reports, Usman farmers are worried about the changes because in practice their authority becomes void as the Q-League will be able to give direct instructions to the Chief Secretary and he complains to Jahangir Tareen in his simplest manner that I was worried. Couldn't sleep all night because of it.current world news

On the other hand, Q-League constituents say that is just the beginning. Let's see if this series really works as promised and written in agreement, or else there will be trouble and we will not be able to move forward. Usman does not want to remove Bazdar but may not sacrifice his entire party and voters on this friendship so we will endeavor to maintain each other's honor and reputation till the end.current world news

Chief Secretary Prime Minister Suleiman is a highly respected officer and is the architect of most development during Shahbaz Sharif's era and he has great respect in every political constituency in terms of his integrity and his work.

A close friend of Imran Khan says that Pervaiz Khattak's harsh behavior with the government in the past has forced the Prime Minister to bring in Chiefs like Usman Bazdar and Mahmud Khan, but it is also true that Pervez Khattak's performance is the same again. The success caused otherwise the ruling party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa never returned immediately.

PTI sources say that Imran Khan may be scared to replace Usman Bazdar because there are only a few votes and if no one has voted for the next chief minister of PTI in the Punjab Assembly, The federal government will also take over, which is why Fawad is preparing to make Chaudhry an adviser.