Indian conspiracy to change geography of Kashmir

There is no opinion that the situation in Kashmir will worsen in the future, mainly due to the stringent policies of the Delhi government. Since the unilateral repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution last year, the government has not been in any mode of political world ahmed
 Indian conspiracy to change geography of Kashmir

While it has restricted people's coffee in the Valley through various sanctions, it has also attacked Muzaffarabad and threatened to occupy it.current world news

When the judges questioned the recent Supreme Court of India's five-and-a-half-month-long internet and freedom of speech restrictions, the government has begun to open a very slow Internet sign in a few government institutions and hospitals. But the practice of judicial decree was merely a joke.

In the past, there has been continuous violation of judicial orders in Kashmir, the main reason being that the judiciary in the "national interest" has to give substantial relief to the government. This is the reason why the judiciary has been frequently accused of impartiality on Kashmir matters.

Archaeologists think the government will continue to be exempted from the court despite the most stringent government measures and violation of court orders. Even if the Internet is restored for some reason, it is possible that the police and other security agencies will be practically disabled by strict rules and regulations.

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An uncertain picture of what kind of action the Indian government wants to take about Kashmir in the future is slowly emerging. Just a few days ago, former India Army Chief and recently created the country's first Chief of the Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat emphasized the need for "de-radicalization camps" for Kashmiri children and girls.

General Rawat is hard-pressed in his approach and is well known to Hindutva ideology and the BJP, which has given him a new post of army.current world news

That is why his words are considered a government policy. General Rawat claimed that extremism in Kashmir is growing rapidly, including boys and girls aged ten to twelve years.

He suggested detention centers as a possible solution in which these children could be "trained" by keeping them for a specific period.

The Government of India is already building a large number of detention centers for foreigners, including a large number of Muslims, and perhaps General Rawat is referring to such detention centers.current world news

Following his suggestion, concerns have been raised in Kashmir that the Indian army will take away the Kashmiri boys and girls from their families and force them into custody centers and deprive them of their cultural and religious heritage so that a By making them new-minded in their new harmony, they can be enslaved so that they can be completely rid of any kind of separatism in the future.

Nowadays Kashmiris are the only ones who appear on social media, they are the same people who live outside Kashmir Valley. Many of them are expressing the view that the Indian Prime Minister's government is going to take various measures for the genocide of Kashmiris, including measures to change their Muslim culture and even their language.

Many BJP leaders are also threatening to convert the current Arabic Persian script of Kashmiri language into Hindi, which will allow Kashmiri Muslims to be completely cut off from their culture and heritage.

Earlier, various speculations were being made about the official language of the region, Urdu. Hindi has been used at Dinka injury instead of Urdu at official events since August last year, increasing the uncertainty of Kashmiris.

Earlier it was announced by the Interior Ministry that the government would settle more than fifty thousand closed temples in the valley, though history has testified that the number of temples was never more than two or three hundred.

It is feared that the geography of Kashmir will be completely changed by building temples on Muslim buildings or inhabited public lands.