Iran claims 80 dead at US base

Iranian state media has claimed that 80 people have been killed in attacks on US bases in world ahmed
 Iran claims 80 dead at US base

Iranian helicopters and military equipment have also been severely damaged in Iranian attacks, according to Iranian media.

Iran's state media claims that the US president's statement "all is well" is an attempt to hide the damage.

Denmark and Norway confirm the security of their troops stationed in Iraq. The two countries have said their staff was not harmed by the Iranian attacks in Iraq.

Trump's response to the Iranian attack

It should be noted that in response to the assassination of Iranian commander Qasim Sulaimani, Iran has launched missile attacks on Iraqi US military bases in Iraq, in which dozens of missiles were fired from ground to ground.

The Iranian missile attack targeted Iraqi military bases in Ain al-Assad, Arbil, where troops from US and other allied countries are stationed.

After the missile attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said in a statement that the appropriate response from Iran was completed.

Jawad Zarif added that he acted in self-defense under the UN Charter and targeted the military base from which Iranian General Suleimani was targeted. Will do

General Qasim Sulaiman enters Kerman

On the other hand, the Iranian revolutionaries have warned that the land used for aggression against Iran will be targeted.

The backward revolution also warned US regional allies to be part of the anti-Iran aggression, saying that Israeli city Haifa would be the third target if Iranian territory invaded.