Iranian missile attack was horrific, US TV reports

US TV claims that at least 10 destinations have been destroyed by an Iranian missile attack on Iraq's precinct military base, while an American soldier described the Iranian attack as world ahmed
 Iranian missile attack was horrific, US TV reports

Iranian missiles were fired at Iraq's precinct military base in response to Iran's assassination of US General Qasim Sulaimani in Iraq.

US President Trump tweeted 'All is well' after Iran's missile attack, saying that the attack caused minor damage to the military base.current world news

American TV reports, on the other hand, claim that scenes of destruction at the military base are telling a different story, and scenes of destruction at the base indicate extraordinary circumstances.

According to the TV report, the Iranian military has also destroyed the residential quarters of the US troops, but the advance warning system did not cause casualties.current world news

A journalist accessing the military base said that troops had told them several hours before the attack that something was going to happen so precautionary measures were taken while some soldiers were present at the bunkers, most of them posting. There were deputies.

An American soldier said the Iranian missile strikes began at 34 pm at night, describing the attack as difficult, as it was a horrific attack but precautionary measures and evacuation were saved.