Kits arrive from Japan to diagnose corona virus

Japan has sent kits to Pakistan for the diagnosis of Corona world ahmed
 Kits arrive from Japan to diagnose corona virus

Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, in charge of the Laboratory of the National Institutes of Health Islamabad, told The News that kits have been sent by the Japanese government to diagnose the Corona virus, which he will receive on Friday current world news morning, after which he At least a thousand suspects will be able to diagnose Samples.

Dr Salman said that chemicals are being provided to Pakistan by the US-based Center for Disease Control in addition to Japan, which will reach Pakistan in a few days.current world news

He added that the government of Pakistan has also approached Germany, China and Hong Kong war to buy these primes or chemicals to diagnose the Corona virus locally.

He said that at present the National Institutes of Health is capable of diagnosing almost all viruses, but since the corona virus is a new germ, the primers or chemicals used to diagnose it are not being manufactured in Pakistan.

He said that after receiving the prizes from the National Institutes of Health on Friday, suspected simplists from all over the country will start reaching him.

Federal Health Ministry officials also said that several friendly countries, including China, Japan, the United States and Germany, were ready to provide Pakistan with the tools and guidance to deal with the Corona virus, saying the World Health Organization Authorities are also getting the necessary medicines and equipment that will be handed over to the Government of Pakistan in case of any emergency.current world news

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On the other hand, the Aga Khan Hospital's administration in Karachi says that they too are trying to obtain primes or chemicals to diagnose the Corona virus so that they too can have the ability to diagnose the virus.

It may be recalled that last week several Chinese nationals working on development projects in the vicinity of Karachi were brought to Agha Khan Hospital on suspicion of a Corona virus infection, which was declared cleared after a medical examination....