Now Pakistan is having a difficult time, funds are stolen in the sense program, 200 billion will reach direct beneficiaries, women will be benefited, scholarship will be 2,000 monthly: Imran Khan

Islamabad (Representative War, APP) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan is having a difficult time now, the government is committed to providing relief to the oppressed classes despite difficult conditions, costing 200 billion rupees for deserving and thriving women. The largest welfare program in the history of Pakistan has been launched which will reach the beneficiaries directly. In the past the funds of the beneficiaries have been stolen. Cows will provide buffaloes for women to participate in economic world ahmed
 Now Pakistan is having a difficult time, funds are stolen in the sense program, 200 billion will reach direct beneficiaries, women will be benefited, scholarship will be 2,000 monthly: Imran Khan

The utility card will also get ration on the sponsorship card. The scholarship has been increased by Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 6,000 per quarter, which will now be available on a monthly basis. The children of poor families will be given educational benefits. There is a change within the villages, the youth loan program will play a key role in their well-being.current world news

The biggest achievement of our government is to provide health card to 6 million families, the next program of realization will be launched in two weeks; accountability, transparency and reforms will be made high priority. So you will be caught.current world news

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a function of the regular launch of the Emotion Sponsorship Program and meeting with Senator Dr. Babar Awan, Shah Zain Bugti on Friday.

At the convention center, the Prime Minister launched the program by giving sponsorship cards to deserving women. Addressing the ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he congratulated Dr Sanya Nishtar who was under a lot of pressure to complete the program.

He has sincerely developed a system under which honesty money will reach the lower classes. Nearly 8 million people were excluded from the sense-sponsorship program, including government officials and employees, for the first time in the history of Pakistan. Kept for

The Prime Minister said that opening a bank account for poor women, sponsorship cards are very important and smart phones will also be given to women. He said that the rural areas are undergoing change in the next two weeks. They will release next program of feeling under which the poor women will give cows, buffaloes will revolutionize them, provide chickens and the third program will be a scholarship under which the children of poor households. Scholarships will be awarded.

Its purpose was to make Pakistan a welfare state by proving it in the state of Madinah, and by creating a welfare state, Muslims were poor and then Muslims became great nations for years. Pakistan was developing in the 1960s. If the lower classes were abandoned and their education, health, food and justice were not taken care of, we would change Pakistan and give the responsibility to the lower classes.

The biggest achievement of our government is the provision of health cards to 60 lakh families which can be cured anywhere from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 20,000. The biggest helplessness is that there is no money for treatment. When there is a disease in the family, the whole family runs below the poverty line.

Under the skillful program, five lakh students will be given scholarship, 95% of students in Namal are on scholarship and from poor families, 90% get education after completing their education. ۔

Imran Khan said that the data collected from the new survey will provide a way to help the weaker sections and the foundation of a welfare state will be Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

Speaking on the occasion, Special Assistant Prime Minister on Social Security and Reduction Poverty Dr Sania Nishtar highlighted the feeling of sponsorship in the address. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that accountability, transparency and reforms are the top priorities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said this in a meeting with former law minister Babar Awan. During the meeting, important domestic issues were discussed. Babar Awan briefed the Prime Minister on various constitutional, legal and political issues.

The Prime Minister said that if the major corrupt countries will return, they will also be caught; with accountability, public welfare is the priority of the government. Under the sentiment program, the lower classes will be raised. The agenda will determine the right direction of the government.

Meanwhile, Member of National Assembly Shah Zain Bugti from Balochistan also met Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he discussed issues of his constituency and the overall political situation. Chief Whip Malik Mohammad Amar Duggar was also present at the meeting.