Pakistani taxi driver wins lawsuit against "Daily Mail"

London / Manchester (Murtaza Ali Shah, Tanveer Khatana) UK-born Pakistani taxi driver has won a lawsuit against "Daily Mail" for 12 million pounds (250 million Pakistani rupees).news world ahmed
 Pakistani taxi driver wins lawsuit against "Daily Mail"

According to details, the British media group "Mail" on Sunday handed over a £ 12m worth of honor to a British Pakistani licensing officer, Wajid Iqbal, in May 2017, journalist David Rose accused the taxi driver of an article in the article. The pseudo file serves as a fixer for taxi drivers.

British Pakistani taxi licensing officer journalist David Rose and publisher of the Daily Mail, Mail Online and Mail -current world news

The news of the victory against the Associated News Paper Limited (AANL) came at a time when former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif held a press conference two days ago against journalist David Rose and last year's article against the ANL. Officially announcing the prosecution, David Rose accused Shahbaz Sharif of allegedly defrauding DFID funds and transferring money to the United Kingdom.current world news

Regarding defamation law expert Mark Lewis, who is present in South Israel and London and represents Wajid Iqbal, told The News and Geo in an exclusive interview that his British-Pakistani client, belonging to Nelson. Having won a historic case and settled cases outside the court, the trial was scheduled to begin in April 2020 in the London High Court.