Pakistan's World No.1 T20 Rankings at Risk

World No.1 Twenty20 Pakistan has risen to four world ahmed
 Pakistan's World No.1 T20 Rankings at Risk

The three-match T20 series between Pakistan and Bangladesh begins tomorrow.

Both teams are comprised of talented players while both captains are determined to showcase the best performances.

Here Pakistan's top position in the T20I is in jeopardy and to save it the rival team has to beat all matches.current world news

According to the ICC website, the Pakistani team is currently ranked first with 270 points, just one point higher than Australia's 269 points.

The logo of the Pak-Bangladesh series was released

To retain its first position, Pakistan will have to win all three matches of the series against Bangladesh.

If the national team loses one match despite winning two matches in the series, Pakistan's points will be 268 and the national team will move to second.

Similarly, if the national team is defeated by the Bangladeshi team in 2 matches, then the team will go straight to third place, not the other.current world news

If the Bangladeshi team were successful in all three matches, the national team's rating points would be equal to the fourth-ranked South Africa.

It would not be wrong to say that Pakistan will have to undergo a difficult test in the beginning of 2020.

Babar Azam, captain of the National Twenty20 team, says the series is well-prepared, with a balanced team against Bangladesh.