Promise to build university ends, all work moves to Prime Minister House

Prime Minister's House is now being used instead of the Prime Minister's Office on the Islamabad (Ansar Abbasi) highway. Earlier, it was officially announced to transform PMHouse into an international standard world ahmed

According to official sources, all important meetings / meetings of the Prime Minister are held in the Prime Minister House these days. However, the cabinet meeting is held in the Prime Minister's Secretariat, also known as the Prime Minister's Office. The key members of the Prime Minister's staff, including the Secretary to the Prime Minister and the Military Secretary, reside in the Prime Minister House as before.

When contacted by The News, Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the government's policy on Prime Minister House would not change. He said that regular meetings and meetings are held in the Prime Minister's Secretariat, but the Prime Minister meets with important foreign delegations at his office in Prime Minister House.

He said that due to the limited space in the Prime Minister's Secretariat, important meetings have to be held in the Prime Minister House. He revealed that even after the Prime Minister House has been transferred to the University, the Prime Minister there will remain.

In the third week of December 2018, the authorities announced that the PMHM would be converted into an international university which would be renamed Islamabad National University (INU).

Inaugurating the INU during a two-day conference on "Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan," it was stated that the INU would be an independent body and would operate without government intervention. Referring to the "Bait-ul-Hakim", established during the time of Caliph Aaron al-Rashid, it was said that it would start with a good institution,

Which will maintain its performance and become the Center of Excellence, which will attract expert scholars from around the world to find solutions to domestic and foreign problems. It was said that the Center for Advanced Studies (PM) would be established in the Prime Minister House which would later be converted into a formal university.

Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood also confirmed to media that the Institute for Advanced Studies and Research will be established in the Prime Minister House which will be formally converted into a university.current world news

In the past, the ruling party referred to the local prime minister, the governor and the chief ministers, calling it a sign of the colonial era, as well as the deprivation of government treasury and the exploitation of government resources by the political elite.

It was also promised that in addition to the Prime Minister House, the vast Governor Houses and the Chief Minister Houses would also be converted into public parks so that the public could use them.

In order to promote efficiency and simplicity, the Prime Minister preferred not to stay in public housing and preferred to stay in his own private home. According to a source, there is a high likelihood of spying in the Prime Minister's Secretariat, so one reason may be that the government's work and meetings have been moved to Prime Minister House.current world news

It is said that in the previous PPP government, it was revealed that a foreign government used to spy on federal cabinet meetings. The then Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik had said a few years ago that the spy signals were seized from the cabinet room in the Prime Minister House.

According to media reports, Rehman Malik said that since Pakistan does not have the capability to stop espionage activities, some windows were closed with cement to prevent espionage signals.