Queen Harry's call to Prince Harry

The governing British Queen and Prince Charles as senior members of the royal family have called on Ruth, Prince Harry. The Queen had to ask Prince Harry what his Christmas celebration world ahmed
 Queen Harry's call to Prince Harry

According to British media, the royal palace staff has suggested the Queen be tolerant.

The prince did not directly inform the royal family of his decision; the Queen learned of Harry's decision in the news on TV.

According to British media, Prince Harry was consulting with close friends when he moved to Canada.current world news

Prince Harry and Meghan's statue in Madame Tsawa separated from the royal family

Meanwhile, the statues of Prince Harry and Meghan were separated from the royal family in Madame Tsawa.current world news

According to media reports, Prince William warned Harry not to rush to Meghan. Prince William was also aware of his mother's admonition; if Harry did not listen, the differences began to deepen.

In addition, Prince Charles warns that he can be stopped at £ 23 million annually, what will be the financial income of Harry and Merkel? not clear.

According to a foreign media report, the Russian billionaire has given $ 11 million worth of property to spend the holidays, but Harry and Meghan have refused to name the billionaire Russian.

The British public will also have to spend £ 6 million annually on the Prince's security, with Prince Harry and Meghan traveling £ 100,000 apart, earning only £ 2 million from Prince Charles's charity.

British media also say that the former guardian of the royal family has warned that she should learn from Lady Diana.current world news

A former bodyguard has suggested relying on the Scottish Landyard for security.

Media say Lady Diana died due to low security.