Remember also the 290 quoting 52, spiritual

In response to US President Donald Trump's 52 goals, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on him to remember world ahmed
 Remember also the 290 quoting 52, spiritual

In a statement on social networking site Twitter, Hassan Rouhani said that the Iranian nation should never be threatened.

He said that those who were referring to the 52 targets should also remember 290.

The Iranian president also used the hash tag of IR (Iran Air) 655 in his message, which was destroyed in the US missile attack.current world news

Iran has 52 places to target, US

On July 3, 1988, the Iranian passenger plane IR 655 was destroyed by a missile fired from a US warship, with 274 passengers, including 254 Iranians, and 16 crew members.

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Other passengers aboard the US invasion included 13 passengers from the UEK, 10 from India, 6.6 from Pakistan and Yugoslavia, and one from Italy.current world news