Save the 22-year-old from being depressed

The Chinese proverb is that if you want to develop one family (breed) then teach it to fish, if two families (breeds) have to be developed, put them on farming and if the whole nation (present and future breeds) develop. If you want to be educated, educate world ahmed
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A longtime friend of China's Leadership of the Homeland, this version of God by the people and people of the world has adopted the iron of economic, social development and power in just a few years, but our leadership has given its personal development to the national interest and to its properties worldwide. Bank balances set the record.

The nation was poor, there was no negligence in keeping it poor, but the poor and middle class dreamed of a new Pakistan and wrote a lesson for success and selected a successful captain on the playing field and selected a third alternative political force to interpret their dreams!current world news

The new decade of the new decade of 2020 has begun, but the tsunami that was exported from the belt box a year and a half ago is causing awe-inspiring panic. Transformation of educational buildings of major government buildings, including Prime Minister's House, auction of buffaloes, goats, poultry and government vehicles, the provision of one million jobs and 5 million homes, establishing a free education, medical and social welfare system, and simplicity. Done.

Powerful and political looters have claimed the return of billions, the end of corruption and the denial of NROs. The dream of bringing an economic revolution with indigenous pests, chickens and eggs has been thwarted.

What made the people weep to the past, the change has brought their pain and suffering to the point that they are not able to complain, even to whom to dare to complain. By December 2020, they saw no danger that raising petrol, gas and electricity prices would fall on the first day of the new year, perhaps because a better formula for raising public screams had not yet been discovered.

Perhaps because the direct target of inflation is the rich states themselves, not the rich Kabir cabinet nor the powerful and sick former ruler of Sindh and Punjab, but the real target is the 80% poor and average people who have been waiting for new Pakistan for decades, Now, even if you regret, what is left is patience.current world news

Be careful not to panic. I wish a captain and over confident team would end up losing their endless series of baseless claims, promises and trials to the public. Six months of Honey Moon has crossed the Red Line for a year and a half, and the enthusiastic public has built their businesses and businesses. Until the account of the catastrophe of destruction was not asked of you, name the state of Medina as told to them.current world news

They have opened the hearts and minds of dreamers and dreamers, now the public wants you to do something in practice. Enhancing the image of the country globally and enhancing the image, now honor the dignity of the residents of your household, misery. I make hopes a reality, not things to do.

Restore the free media that helped create a 126-day record of the protests and vacancies, backed from one seat to the seat of power, presented as the Messiah and Savior, the same media to become the interpreter of public aspirations. Give up

God bless, free yourself from the fraudulent media, tolerate unwanted talk and break it down by telling lies, empowering the media so that the state can come to terms with Medina's response.

Make immediate educational reforms, apply the same curriculum and system education so that the children of the rich and poor do not lose the wealth of education. Liberate the hostage health sector at the hands of the mafia so that people can be afforded affordable medical treatment and medicines in public and private hospitals.

Provide ceilings and provision of food and shelter to a poor and needy community, but provide permanent shelter and employment to all the needy. With waste water, two-thirds of the population in Islamabad and all provinces have been exposed to jaundice and other ill-health, safe drinking water. Make arrangements for.

 Apparently your one hand and one leg are tied, but with the hand that is open, do something. The bowler uses one hand, not sure if you can take the time to "feel" an armed boxer. Make sure your defenders are tired, seal bulbs and turn away.current world news

In Rakim's previous column, the event written to remove the stench and change the sock for change did not work, and you are not as effective ...

So nothing else, nothing, just change the Wasim Akram Plus to save the 22-year-old struggling journey in 2020!

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