Shahbaz should respond to David Rose's article, Hasan Nisar

KARACHI (TV report) Senior analyst Hassan Nisar has said how Imran Khan knew that Usman Bazdar Wasim Akram Plus, Usman Bazdar had been in the PTI on Friday for eight days, Shahbaz Sharif said in a daily article. It should be answered, PTI has not been able to tell people where Pakistan stood when it came to world ahmed

He was talking to host Shuja Niazi on the Geo News program "According to Me".

On the recent flour crisis, Hassan Nisar said that Habib Jalob wrote in the era of Ayub that twenty rupees of flour is also on it. Sunnat Ayub Zindabad. Today, flour is 70 rupees kg. This is the progress we have made, Population and inflation are only flourishing in Pakistan. Two sticks of bread for the poor here are the culprits of luxury. Bilawal alleged that Imran Khan caused a flour crisis for his friends.current world news

On the displeasure of the government's allies, Hassan Nisar said that how did Imran Khan know that Usman Bazdar Wasim Akram Plus, Usman Bazdar had been in the PTI for eight days on Friday.

Imran Khan rejects objections related to Usman Bazdar We will continue to reject this approach. We should assume that the dissatisfaction of the allies is the failure of PTI, the government should fulfill its term by convincing the allies.

The PML-N tried to disagree with the monastery under the plan because the Chaudhry family is only interested in politics, the Chaudhry family is not a family of spies like them.current world news

Hassan Nisar said that Imran Khan has the misconception that there is peace in the grave, someone wakes me up from the grave and tells me that there is peace there, then I will accept otherwise.

Hassan Nisar says Shahbaz Sharif forgets the criticism of PTI government that he has ruined the country's political culture, Shahbaz Sharif should respond to David Rose article, PTI has not given people till now. Where did Pakistan stand when it came to power?