Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed's prayer for the new Chief Election Commissioner was accepted

Islamabad (Omar Cheema) Three months ago, Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed wrote to Prime Minister Imran Khan. The outgoing Secretary is the outgoing Secretary of Railways Raja Alexander world ahmed
 Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed's prayer for the new Chief Election Commissioner was accepted

They are nearing their retirement. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad is so impressed with his performance that he wants to keep Raja Sikandar Sultan, but the Prime Minister has the power to expand or re-employ.

Imran Khan praised him in a letter dated October 21. Describing him as hardworking, honest and focused on his work, Raja Alexander Sultan is a tremendous asset for turning the railway into a profitable and efficient department. His career is impeccable, a combination of qualities that are now extinct in senior officers.current world news

Dad's compliments from a politician may have seriously skeptical of his integrity as a flexible officer, but those who know and work with him are credited with his qualities and abilities. Before coming to the conclusion of his letter, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad expressed his expectations and wishes as to how the retired Secretary of his department could be honored.

The railway had the impression of a "potential czar" about King Alexander Sultan. He proved to be a tough administrator. During his year-long service to the Railways, he fired seven officers, removed three, took one to mandatory retirement and retired two officers.

The dismissal from the job is considered to be a severe and severe punishment because the convicted officer is no longer eligible for public service and is deprived of his right to pension. Although Sikandar's relations with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed were excellent, relations with former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did not end well.current world news

When Abbasi was the Minister of Petroleum, Raja Alexander Sultan served as the secretary of the ministry, but differences started to emerge from the very beginning. These differences reached the brink of a contract. Raja opposed the contract. Then came the issue of appointing a Managing Director of a department.current world news

Raja Sikandar Sultan refused and went on leave. Later, he was made Officer-in-Charge (OSD). One of the ties with the PML-N leadership, which is dubious. In the second term of Nawaz Sharif, Principal Secretary Saeed Mahdi's Raja Alexander Sultan is son-in-law.

He was the secretary of various departments in the Shahbaz Sharif era ministry in Punjab. The leaders of the PML-N also regard him as an upright officer.

However, in Nawaz Sharif's last term, he was appointed as the Chief Secretary Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Associated with bitter memories.