Sheikh Rasheed resigns after the burning of 70 people: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice has told Sheikh Rasheed that you should have resigned in the event of the burning of 70 people in the world ahmed
 Sheikh Rasheed resigns after the burning of 70 people: Chief Justice

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed appeared in the Supreme Court of Pakistan during the railway deficit case hearing.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed heard the case.

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The railway lawyer told the court at the hearing that the minister was present in the court on a court order.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed said, please tell the minister what is the progress? All your slices are in front of us.current world news

The Chief Justice while interacting with Sheikh Rasheed said that you should have resigned in the event of the burning of 70 people in the train.

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Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked if 70 people were burned. What action was taken?

Sheikh Rasheed replied that 19 people have taken action.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked that gatekeepers and drivers removed, why not remove the adults?

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Sheikh Rasheed replied that action would also be taken against the elderly.current world news

The Chief Justice asked Sheikh Rasheed to explain why you should not be taken to account for the deaths of 70 people.

"I think you should shut down the railway, as the railway company is running. We do not need such railway," he said.

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The Supreme Court asked Sheikh Rasheed to plan for making the railway a profitable institution and said that no more time would be given to restore the circular railway track.

The Supreme Court ordered to submit a comprehensive rail plan in 2 weeks.

The Supreme Court also summoned Federal Minister Asad Omar at the next hearing if ML1 was not approved.

Instead of accounting for dough, electricity would have been cheaper, Sheikh Rasheed

The Supreme Court in its ruling said that if Sheikh Rasheed did not follow the plan given to the court, contempt of court action would be taken against him.current world news

The Supreme Court said that the displacement of the displaced persons from the circular railway track would be the responsibility of the railway.

The Chief Justice directed that the 38 kanal of circular railway land was vacated on a court order, see the black bridge in Karachi, go to Kamari.

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During the dialogue with the Chief Justice, Sheikh Rasheed said that the court will resign if I do not meet the criteria, I will resign if you say.

He said that ML One is a 14 year old project which has not been implemented.

The Chief Justice directed Sheikh Rasheed not to cry in front of us, the railway has no signal, no tracks or boogies, looted at the institution, the railway officers give land to whom they want, go to the railway. Where is it going?

Sheikh Rasheed is ready to give Karachi circular railway to Sindh government

Justice Ejaz-ul-Hassan asked where the railway will finance ML One. Billions of dollars are being lost annually.

Sheikh Rasheed replied to the court that the railway deficit will be eliminated in 5 years. If the government takes pension, then the deficit will end.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that every railway officer is recruiting with money, ML One is a witchcraft project?

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Justice Ejaz-ul-Hassan said that the trains did not arrive on time, the engines were damaged on the way.

The Chief Justice said that your performance as Sheikh Rasheed's senior minister should have been the best, people listen to you but your organization is the most incompetent.

Supreme Court of Pakistan adjourns hearing of railway deficit case till February 12

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After the hearing, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed told media outside the court that today the Chief Justice has given orders for the improvement and well-being of the railway, Railway will proceed on the direction of the Chief Justice.

He said that the heart of the entire nation is in ML One, we have been given 15 days notice. Chief Justice has directed that tender be given immediately on ML One.

Sheikh Rashid said that the court is concerned and will take the railway forward as per the direction of the Chief Justice. He will follow whatever directions the Chief Justice has given.

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He said that the audit report is not our period from 2013 to 2017, when the audit report of our period will come, it will respond to objections.

On the question of resignation, Sheikh Rasheed Ka replied to the journalist that the Chief Justice would resign now, but not on your wish.

He also said that as long as Prime Minister Imran Khan will remain, then Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar will remain.

Railway Pakistan's most corrupt institution, ruining governments every day, the makers are not running their ministry, the entire department is in politics, Chief Justice Gulzar, Sheikh Rasheed called today

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and Secretary and Chief Executive Railways have appeared in the Supreme Court of Pakistan during the Railways deficit case hearing.

Talking to the media before the court, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the audit report of the previous government was presented in the Supreme Court.

He also said that I will tell the court that this audit report is from 2013 to 2017, present