Sindh government and police officers confrontation

The confrontation between the IG police and the provincial government in Sindh is extremely tragic. This will have a negative impact on the law and order situation in the province and there may be a long-lasting peace world ahmed
 Sindh government and police officers confrontation

The Sindh cabinet has demanded the removal of IG Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam and a letter has been written to the federal government by the Sindh government in this regard.

Prime Minister Imran Khan should seriously consider the provincial government's position on the issue and should resolve the issue with understanding rather than clash. The position of some constituencies is not always that the Sindh government has political interference with the police. Ministers, MPs and influential people in the government interfere with police transfers and appointments and other matters, which not only affects the performance of the police but also deteriorates the law and order situation.current world news

It is a common position that if it is accepted, the federal government, including not only Sindh but also the governments of other provinces, can be accused of interfering with the institutions. Where in Pakistan is the police system ideal and where are the transfers and appointments taking place on the merit? The blame being imposed on the Sindh government can be blamed on every government.

The elected government is not subservient to the institutions, but the institutions are subservient to the government. Even if the government is not working according to the law, the agencies and the officers working in them should guide the government while it is within the purview of the law. Confrontation should be avoided. If an officer still thinks he cannot work, he should be quietly separated from his position, but confrontation is by no means justified.

 It is not an accurate and tolerable act by officers to take the confrontation, and especially to the public and the media. Questioning the government's function is a crime by itself.

If the subsidiaries openly fight against the government, not only will the civilian governance system weaken and no government can function, but the institutions themselves will be weak.

True, the appointment of chief secretaries and IGs police in the provinces is governed by the federal government, but consultation with the provinces is a favorite process.current world news

The apparent cause of the recent confrontation is that there is a political confrontation between the PTI and the PPP government in Sindh, but if there is a political party in the province and the federal government, some Sindh police officers are in control of the provincial government. I don't come

The reason for this is mainly because terrorism continued in Sindh, especially in Sindh's capital, Karachi for decades. Some circles did not agree with the strategy of the two civilian governments to control terrorism. This is where the mess started.

Then the role of military and paramilitary forces with the police in eliminating terrorism increased throughout Sindh, including Karachi, and the importance of the provincial government's policies and strategies in Sindh police decreased.

Continue to receive instructions from some police officers working in operations to eliminate terrorism. Then some officers got engaged in the name of eliminating terrorism. Now the situation is very complicated. Civilian government policies to control law and order have become political interference.

In Balochistan, it is not the responsibility of controlling the law and order of the police and Levies, as is the case with civilian forces. Although there is no such situation in Sindh, the civilian government may not have full control over the police. It is true that Sindh police officers and men have sacrificed more than any other civilian force in Pakistan in the fight against terrorism, but the police is not ideal, but Sindh police have increased complaints of civilians.

Sindh is the only province where a law has been enacted to create a regular system of exchange and appointment of police officers. A system of public safety commissions has been established for the accountability of the police. Companies are developing a system of transparency and merit.

Police officers and men are also our own. We have also elected the Sindh government. The police should act as a subordinate government and refrain from confrontation. The confrontation should not go as far as the extent to which Shikarpur police have gone.

Police did not do any good against Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh by releasing secret reports to the media. Only reports have been charged and roles have been made in this report. Reading the report raises the question of why the police did not take action?

It is hoped that Prime Minister Imran Khan will discourage openly confrontation by police officers while demonstrating tactics.