Sindh government fails to control commodity prices

Karachi (Report / Rafiq Bashir) Government failed to control Sindh commodity prices; 6% of price control companies became ineffective; nothing including flour, milk, sugar, vegetables, fruit is available at fixed world ahmed
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Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani has advised the public to protest against inflation, to back up the purchase of expensive items.current world news

According to details, all the decisions of the Sindh government to provide public interest and relief to the public have been ineffective and the government has failed to ensure the sale of goods at its own fixed price; milk, sugar, flour, vegetables, fruit and bakery. The prices of goods are fixed by the Government of Sindh, but nothing is being sold at the officially fixed price.

Sindh Department of Food, Agriculture, Department of Bureau of Supply and Price, Local Administration and Director General Price Controller, Sindh Food Authority and local governments to ensure price and quality control, demand and supply and sale of commodities at public prices in Sindh. There are 6 companies, including the price control mechanism, have collapsed.

The Sindh government has passed numerous bills in the Assembly, but has not yet passed any bill in relation to specifying an effective and integrated system of price control in the province. At this time, all the institutions of price control and quality demand supply in Sindh Have become helpless.

The Sindh Food Authority has not yet become an active body due to lack of competent manpower and resources, whereas the Sindh Government's Bureau of Supply and Price is exhibiting its existence only and this institution is the base of corruption. Is becoming current world news

The focus of this company is less on price control and more interested in checking the weighing and measuring device; the Bureau of Supplies and Prices has not even worked on the task of ensuring the delivery of the entire product to the public. Despite being in the city, petrol pumps are being supplied to consumers at petrol pumps.

Smuggling cloth is still being sold in "yards" in fashionable markets, while the "meter" system is introduced in the province, thus selling milk in bulk instead of "liters". "I go, but the Bureau of Supplies and Prices is silent, while the Sindh Food Authority has not taken any significant action since its inception.

Similarly, the agriculture department has not been able to control the prices of sugar after counting in the province. The sale of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, besides milk, goods and commodities is set by the Director General and Commissioner Karachi. Items determine the prices of micronutrients.

But they are helpless in executing their decision; despite the official price list, the shopkeepers in the city are selling goods and selling goods only at their own cost.

Talking to war, Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shawlani said that consumers have a big role in curbing inflation, people should protest against inflation. Buy back of expensive items, control over inflation can be found. On the question of flour. He said the situation was under control, flour was available in every part of the city.current world news

There is no shortage of flour. On the sale of goods only and at the fixed price of goods, the Commissioner said that the situation would improve if all the relevant government agencies had their role in controlling the price.