The change is set to begin next week

KARACHI: The change could start next week, with the support of the opposition being in the pocket of Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi, while PTI says things will happen, Punjab and the center will come again after completing 5 years News World Ahmed
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According to the details, the debate has intensified over the past few days that the government is about to change soon and the war group has the honor that the news given to the nation over the disappointment of the allies in the past has proved true and true. One of the major allies of the government that has the experience of holding both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister

He repeatedly says that he will not play any role in the downfall of Imran Khan's government and this is true. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi's party has no intention of leaving the coalition at the center or at least any movement against Imran Khan. And they will be fluent in the language but Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has completed his preparations to become the Chief Minister and is going to change the vest in the vest he wears with the wings of the Muslim League.

The preparations are 100% complete and at any given moment the movement against the Chief Minister in Punjab can be distrustful as not only the opposition Chief Minister Usman Bazdar is demanding change but many members of the coalition and PTI are also present and the Federal Minister The demand has intensified after Fawad Chaudhry's statement regarding the Chief Minister Punjab.current world news

Sources said that the ruling circles also want to do so because Usman Bazdar is still in the process of learning and the state of Punjab is getting worse. We are told by a very important PML-Q official that the water has now gone above the head of the people of Punjab. Tired and he is looking to Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi to get rid of this punishment, Rakim has stated in his previous story that only 12 votes are needed to change the Punjab government.

Joe Chowdhury Pervez Elahi and Jagannu Mohsen from Okara, who is the wife of renowned journalist Najam Sethi and Qasim Abbas from Multan, become a simple majority and in return will be the chief of the High Court of Pervaiz Elahi, currently in the House of 368. The government has 195 votes and 173 votes for the opposition. The same leader said that according to the talks with PML-N, the chief minister will be ours.current world news

While the speaker and senior minister will be from the PML-N and the two will run the province together, the PPP will also be part of the alliance, but Bilawal Bhutto is not interested in the ministries, when we asked him whether Sheikh Rasheed repeatedly towards the Janata constituencies. They point out that they will allow this to happen, so they said that it is nothing but propaganda that defame these constituencies and that the other Usman Bazdar has been appointed by Khan Sahib, if any other capable man becomes the Chief Minister. His ability will become a part of Imran Khan's reputation, which will not allow Khan to be.current world news

 You see the other central office bearers of all those who were unable to gain public popularity, who were an Asad Omar, they were reprimanded by taking back their ministry. Fawad Chaudhry gained some reputation and he changed for no reason. Given.

Jahangir Tareen has already finished. The PML-N's stance on this is that we are ready to support anyone for the development of Punjab and Shahbaz Sharif has offered not one, but several times, support to the Prime Minister for guidance in this regard.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif cried tears of blood when he saw the destruction of Punjab raised by his own hands and he was ready to join hands with anyone to stop the destruction.

A well-known analyst called it the PML-N's tripod address and said that it was using it when the time came and said that if Imran Khan's government remains in the center and not in Punjab, then Imran Khan has Punjab. It would be impossible for me to hold the opposition exactly as it did between the PML-N and the PP after the 2008 elections and Shahbaz Sharif had completed his term.

It is learned that the bridge between the two factions of the Muslim League has been played by a third party chief who wants to abolish the PTI government at any time. The PPP says that if these dreams of the seemingly insane dreams are examined, the fact proves that a big change is coming soon in Punjab and if Pervaiz Elahi PTI, who is keeping the chief minister in his pocket, So at what cost is this a big question that will be answered soon.

PTI says all of this is going to happen soon and we will not only complete 5 years in both the Center and Punjab but will also come again.