The decision to accept certain United Nations demands, the possibility of another minister taking over

Sources in Islamabad (Pervaiz Shaukat) have found that the Prime Minister has directed to address some of the MQM's demands world ahmed
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Sources said that a high-level delegation led by Defense Minister Pervez Khattak will visit Karachi on Saturday. Jahangir Tatrin will be included in the delegation, and Asad Omar will also be involved in talks with the MQM.current world news

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Government delegation will try to persuade MQM leader Mukul Siddiqui to withdraw his resignation and inform them of Prime Minister Imran Khan's suggestion that the government is ready to accept most of your demands while some demands will be resolved gradually. ۔

You withdraw your decision to quit the ministry, sources say that another MQM minister can be added to the cabinet and the name of MQM MP Amirul Haq is preferred.current world news