The decision to change the IG was decided by the Prime Minister

Islamabad (Haider Naqvi) Following a CCI meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, there was a two to one important meeting in Islamabad on December 23, in which Chief Minister Sindh met the Prime Minister. As was informed news world ahmed
 The decision to change the IG was decided by the Prime Minister

According to our most credible sources, one of the major issues that the Prime Minister has attracted to the Prime Minister was controlling the law and order situation, as street crime in Sindh, especially in Karachi, has intensified.

After the prayer incident, the Chief Minister was very disappointed, the Prime Minister not only assured full cooperation to the Chief Minister Sindh but also expressed great concern over the situation.current world news

On the occasion, the Chief Minister expressed his concerns regarding the IG which the Prime Minister not only listened to but also assured his cooperation and asked the Chief Minister to present some good reputation for this post. And then yesterday, the Chief Minister, after consulting his leadership and cabinet, introduced new names for IG Sindh in which a new IG of Kamran Fazal and Ghulam Qadir Thabo could be made.

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The meeting with the Chief Minister was in a very pleasant atmosphere in which they both appreciated each other. According to our sources, the Prime Minister told the Chief Minister that I was thinking of you only a little bit but you are a worthy one. And are intelligent people.

The Chief Minister also acknowledged the capabilities of the Prime Minister.

It is to be remembered that after Imran Khan became Prime Minister, the first meeting with the Chief Minister was not attended by Governor Sindh. The Prime Minister is even trying to get the country out of government and opposition differences and move towards development.

The Prime Minister called on Governor Sindh immediately to Islamabad so that he could inform the Governor of his decision and the Governor should take the other allies in confidence. The leaders of PTI Sindh have no knowledge in this regard, which is why they are making statements against it.current world news