The letter is real but shipped, US

The US Defense Secretary denied the US's letter of withdrawal from Iraq, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley said, but the letter was world ahmed
 The letter is real but shipped, US

Brigadier General William Seeley, head of the US task force in Iraq, wrote a letter to the head of the Iraqi Joint Command operation stating that the United States was ready to leave Iraq, US and Iraqi officials confirmed the letter.current world news

Trump threatens sanctions on Iraq

Later, US Defense Secretary Mark Asper denied that he had left Iraq, saying there was no decision to leave Iraq.

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On the other hand, US President Trump threatened Iraqi officials, saying that if Iraq wants us to leave Iraq, we should pay the expenses.current world news

US forces leave the region, Ali Larijani

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said he would not threaten the Iranian nation.

NATO Secretary-General Staltenberg said that Iranian allies in the region have "allies" in the region, European Union chief Arsilla Phan Deyar said, adding that Baghdad and Tehran use diplomatic channels.