The most important message was conveyed to the Sharif family

ISLAMABAD (Ansar Abbasi) Nowadays some influential members of a PML-N leader, including a retired elderly man, are familiar with the party's top leadership, but they also have no world ahmed
 The most important message was conveyed to the Sharif family

This leader has served as a liaison between the two sides. On the issue of expansion, his point was given importance, but many people, including his own party, suspected that he was doing more than needed.current world news

A few weeks ago, he delivered a key message to his party's top leadership in London, which included a talk about the Muslim League's nomination for power.

Communication with party-dominated constituencies is not new. Nawaz Sharif received a very influential man while he was in Adiala Jail.

The same person had met him once and also on the telephone during the arrest of Maryam Nawaz in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case. Despite these contacts, however, nothing was done to benefit Sharif's family.current world news

But things are changing now as the Sharif family's thinking has changed.

It is said that the Sharif family's top priority at this time is to correct bad relations with the real forces.

Sources in the New League claim that the Sharif family is not currently weighing on the option of sharing in power but is looking at the possibility of a new election to get out of the current situation.

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, in particular, have been under severe criticism from within and outside the party, as they have taken a full turn from their position of public supremacy over the past few years.

Both Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are not in the reach of the media, but what other Nun League leaders are saying openly or at private concerts is something that no one can be convinced of.

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Some leaders are privately putting the entire responsibility for this situation on the person who made the contact, but there are others who are not ready to accept that whatever the Nun League has done in recent times is the will of Nawaz Sharif. Has happened without

There is no explanation why Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are silent if they are misrepresented.

Many people in politics and the media suspect that the recent nomination of the Nun League is due to a possible exception.current world news

Most of the league leaders have no idea whether the new league will get power or whether the Sharif family has been given any assurance that they and their jails will receive any permanent relief.

The Sharif family has not said anything about the U-turn of the party, but the rest of the people have not been able to offer any acceptable explanation for the process which has caused severe damage to the party.

A Nun Ligi leader, who is close to the Sharif family, told The News on condition of anonymity that he did not want to increase his odds at a time when Nawaz Sharif already had health problems.

The source said the leadership of the Nun League would like to end the lawsuits filed against him in recent years.

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have been convicted; Shahbaz Sharif remains on bail in corruption cases filed by NAB; both Nawaz Sharif's sons have been declared absconders in corruption case filed by Shahbaz Sharif's eldest son. While his younger son Suleiman is in London and wants the NAB.

Nawaz Sharif's son-in-law was also convicted, but he too is out on bail, while Shahbaz Sharif's son-in-law is out of Pakistan and is a NAB fugitive. Nawaz and Shahbaz's late brother Abbas Sharif's sons are also in judicial custody in the NAB corruption case.

In addition to the Sharif family, leaders such as Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Khawaja Saad Rafiq and his brother, Ahsan Iqbal, of the Nun League, are also in jail and are facing NAB inquiries and cases.

Rana Sanaullah was recently granted bail in the ANF's heroin trafficking case while Muftiah Ismail received the same relief from the court in NAB's case. There are also leaders like Khawaja Asif and Javed Latif who are suspected of being arrested at any time.current world news

Background talks with key leaders of the Nun League show that even the party's second-level leaders do not know why Nawaz Sharif withdrew from his former position.

Khawaja Asif was seen defending the Sharif family's stance and decision, citing how much the family has faced in recent years.

But there are many people who are upset with the situation, including those who are currently in NAB custody or in judicial custody.