The PTI crisis ends, but how strong are the captains?

KARACHI (Analyst: Mazhar Abbas) Prime Minister Imran Khan has ended his party's crisis in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with a policy of 'Jaswasza' but when it came to his three key allies - PML-Q, MQM (Pakistan) and G DA's are nothing more than a ceasefire and the ball is in their world ahmed
 The PTI crisis ends, but how strong are the captains?

Only the Prime Minister knows what mafia he is referring to who is working against the government in Punjab and KP because he did not name any, it seems more a fictional story than fact, because the real problem which Imran Khan is not willing to accept is Punjab. And they have the wrong choice in KP, while the Balochistan and Baloch National Party have ended the issue.

What happened after the Federal Cabinet rally on Monday is a sign of the Prime Minister's weakness as he expressed his willingness over the transfer of IGP Sindh Kaleem Imam to Governor Sindh in the presence of Governor Sindh during the 24 hours. He took a big hit as his ally the GDA opposed the IGP's successor Mushtaq Mahar, leaving the Prime Minister to back his earlier decision.

Although this is a matter between the two governments, the GDA ministers in the federal cabinet told the prime minister that he too is a stakeholder in the matter.current world news

Earlier during his visit to Karachi, the Prime Minister met Peer Pagara and discussed the matter with Governor Ismail before his departure to Islamabad and both agreed on the IGP name presented by the Chief Minister and Mushtaq Mehr unanimous candidate in five names. Come out as The GDA wants someone who will cause trouble for the People's Party in Sindh.current world news

With MQM (Pakistan), the issues have not been resolved as one of the party leaders has called the progress zero. There was no meeting of the Prime Minister with the MQM, nor was any request made during the previous visit to Karachi.

A central leader of the party told me on condition of anonymity that as far as our demands are concerned, there is zero progress since a high-level delegation headed by Federal Minister Asad Omar visited our Bahadurbad headquarters and gave some strong reassurance.

"We are not going anywhere, nor are we going to negotiate," he added. MQM's key demands include government support for the census in Karachi, which MQM challenged in the Sindh High Court, opening Hyderabad University, development funds and political support from the PTI and federal government to include its sector and unit offices. Who have apparently once again 'vetoed' the establishment.

As far as its 'missing persons' case is concerned, the party claims that there are still around 1,150 missing and 35 have returned. Due to the demands of the MQM, the Prime Minister also faces some resistance and reservations from his own party in Karachi, which has 14 NAK seats.

According to sources, Karachi is looking at PTI and its Karachi leader told the Prime Minister that instead of giving funds to the mayor, the government should expedite work on its own projects within a few months.

Soon after his return from Davos, the Prime Minister decided to resolve the crisis within his party in Punjab and KP. Surprisingly, he went to Lahore and met the PTI MN Ezwar and MPAs so that he could meet with Bazdar Badran, he refused to meet with the Chaudhrys of Gujarat.