The reality of the plane crash from spiritual was hidden for 3 days

The American newspaper claims that the passenger revolution was realized only a few minutes after the destruction of the Ukrainian aircraft's missiles, however, and this was hidden from President Rohani for three world ahmed
 The reality of the plane crash from spiritual was hidden for 3 days

An American newspaper Business Insider revealed the crucial January 8 investigation into the Ukrainian plane's missile bombing in Iran that the Iranian president was told three days later.

According to the newspaper report, President Rouhani was told the truth on January 11, at which the Iranian president gave an ultimatum that the responsibility should be accepted or he would resign.

According to the report, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei intervened on the whole situation and ordered that the truth about the aircraft be acknowledged.

It should be noted that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also expressed his condolences to the bereaved families over the loss of Ukrainian aircraft in Iran.current world news

He said that according to the military investigation, the missile aircraft was launched due to human error, further investigation is underway on this great tragedy, while the Iranian army general of staff says that the Ukrainian aircraft was responsible for the crash. Will be brought to justice.