The UK will leave the European Union on Friday

Britain will split from EU on Friday, EU confirms Brexit deal news world ahmed

According to the news agency, 621 votes in favor of the deal to oust Britain from Europe and 49 in opposition.
 The UK will leave the European Union on Friday

This month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's emissions bill from the European Union was approved by the public, with 330 members voting in favor of the bill and 231 in opposition in a vote on the Brexit bill in the capital. After that, the UK will be separated from the EU by January 31.

It should be noted that a referendum took place in the UK in June 2017 with regard to the UK being in or out of the EU, with 52% voting in favor of Brexit and 48% in opposition. The results of the referendum had led to the resignation of then Prime Minister David Cameron, the then prime minister.current world news